Early on, we identified 6 key factors that needed addressed in professional grade coolers. 

A 6 man team, sharing 40 years industry experience, spent time applying everything we learned.

Not only would our product need to be the best on the planet, it needed to last a lifetime.



Getting your cooler to the right temperature and keeping it there for as long as possible. The base function of the cooler.


Coolers see some of the harshest environments on the planet, day in and day out. If they can’t hack it, you can’t pack it.


On any adventure, extended or daily, a cooler is a core piece of gear. Making it as flexible as possible and extending is purpose is something we dwell on daily.


Often overlooked, a cooler is essentially a giant insulated lock box. When a product is built KONG Strong ™ we have to make sure it’s done responsibly as well..


Design a cooler that's BPA free and uses safe materials that can come into contact with food and ice without harming you. Also, cut out carbon via distribution middle men.


Value to our customers with the best cooler on the planet at an affordable price.Value to our local economy with all Made in the USA products providing jobs to our great employees.


One of the great things about already producing products for a wide array of industries is the vast knowledge and testing we’ve done.  For instance, how long will an industrial hopper last when blasted with salt and slush for months with road crews around the USA during winters worst?  Or, how much impact can an agricultural implement component handle before it breaks?  Our customers take products to the limit, and we know you will too.

For this reason, we invested thousands of man hours building, testing, and learning from our coolers.

And then we put them out in the field and gain all new information with the Human Factor. It cannot be underestimated. And we keep learning each day.

KONG Design, Text, Learn


From a design and manufacturing perspective, we have one of the deepest knowledge banks in the industry to pull from. But what really matters is what you, the user, experiences in the field. So we listened to your feedback.

Turns out, you had a lot to say.

My cooler only keeps ice for a few hours during intense heat.  KONG keeps ice for over a week in the worst conditions due to heavy rotomolded quality construction.

I want my cooler to be like my fridge, with sections for meats, drinks, sandwiches, catches, etc.  We added multiple water tight compartments and dividers in each KONG, with deep freeze to lightly chilled.

When I have big, bulky gloves on, I can't get my hands through the handles on my cooler to carry it.  We added bear paw over sized durable handles ensuring the bulkiest of mittens can easily carry KONG.

When I drain my cooler, it takes forever!   And usually I'm at a fuel station, in a hurry to add more ice. We took a page from commercial plumbing and added a dual breather, rapid drain system - relieving water twice as fast as other premium coolers, to get you traveling faster.

My cooler has adult drinks or foods I don't want kids and bears to be able to get at.  KONG comes standard with integrated lid+base padlock hookups standard.  It's how we achieved our Bear Proof certification.

In my pickup truck or SUV, I can't easily tie down my cooler like the rest of my gear - it flops around.  Every KONG comes with built in, rotomolded passthroughs for tie down straps and ratchets.  Your KONG is anchored tight to your vehicle.

When my cooler is tight to a boat wall or truck sidewall, I can't open it - the lid design prevents it from opening without shifting the heavy cooler out away from the wall.  We engineered the the KONG lid to open a full 45° without moving the base at all - game changing.

My premium cooler doesn't have pressure applying latches that guarantee it stays shut during rough adventures - those rubber dongles pop out all the time.  KONG uses a top-down pressure applying latch system that provides deep freeze level sealing and insurance against any faulty opens.

KONG Coolers Environmentally Responsible


A cooler comes in contact with your food, ice, and drinks for days or more.  For that reason, we rigorously sourced materials that were BPA free and FDA approved.

This also meant we could use slower, water based mold released vs harmful fast release chemical options like most others.

Beyond the product, there is a massive carbon footprint in moving a mostly air filled box around the world.  Most coolers build cheaply overseas, transport through 5-7 different handlers, eventually land on a shelf and wait for you to come buy it. Not KONG. We build fresh to order at one of 5 facilities closest to your home here in the USA. We only ship direct to you, eliminating handling costs and carbon in the process.


KONG The Perfect Cooler

After we put the prototype KONG out in the field and into endless industries, something funny happened.  We found out the scorching heat of welding shop was very similar to the pounding sun in the desert.  The frigid conditions found with winter road crews was almost the same an arctic fisherman encountered.  

We found that while our tasks may change, we’re more alike than we are different.  And that revelation is what makes designing the perfect cooler possible.

If it can stand up to mother nature’s harshest conditions, we think it can survive whatever you’ve got in mind.  So go ahead and give it your worst.

Check out Stories from the field to see how KONG Coolers have performed in a variety of conditions. 


A KONG Strong cooler is the start.  But making that base layer work in countless ways for you is our never ending quest.  With the temperature retention we give our product, it stands to reason you’ll need to get as much out of it as you put in. We’re working tirelessly on an accessory lineup unrivaled in our industry before.  

See what we’ve got so far.

KONG Cooler Accessories
KONG Coolers 100% Made in the USA



We are uncompromising on this policy.  It's not just an idea, its our way of life.  We own the factories we build in, and for that reason we care more than most.

Hand crafting premium grade products in the USA.

At our core, we believe the United States of America has the greatest workforce on the planet, and we’re so proud to employ over 600 of them at our facilities alone, with thousands more at partner facilities. Your order means more than just a lifetime product for you; it's a way of life for someone else, maybe even your neighbor.