Made In U.S.A 

The features found in each KONG Cooler are expertly crafted in the United States to take a beating anywhere on the planet. Attractive and begging for a spot on your next adventure, KONG’s features are what makes this American-made, premium cooler the last cooler you’ll buy. KONG Coolers have been engineered to outlast the competition. 

Along with rugged durability and features engineered for maximum quality, KONG Coolers offer unique accessories to customize your cooler. KONG Kickers, Krush Guards, Dividers, and other accessories are specifically designed to transform a KONG Cooler into not just cold storage but also a work station.

cooler features diagram

Details That Matter

When it comes to the cooler body and lid materials, we cut no corners. The coolers are made from high-impact strength, FDA-approved polyethylene. There are multiple grades of polyethylene and there are multiple ways to add color to plastic. We use materials and methods that may not be the most cost effective; instead we achieve higher strength, durability, and UV resistance. We use proprietary techniques to create a strong, laminated bond between the foam insulation and the polyethylene, preventing delamination. We could save money by removing these material and adhesive qualities, but that just isn’t the KONG design strategy.

Our dividers doubles as a shelf, triple as a cutting board, and quadruple as side table with the kicker in addition to keeping food dry and drinks wet. These Dividers are made from super tough, 3/8-inch-thick cutting board grade, FDA-approved, PBA-free Polyethylene. We dare you to compare to our dividers and accessories to the thin, brittle, over-priced pieces found elsewhere on the market.

Look no further than these temperature comparisons (PDF) to see how KONG Coolers stack up against the leading cooler manufacturer. We tested each size KONG versus our competitor and evaluated the internal temperature as time lapsed. All coolers were stored in a 70-degree space, opened for 2 minutes each day, and were not pre-chilled. The graphs show that KONG Coolers are designed to outlast your adventure as well as the competition. Learn more about the Art of Ice.

Made from 3/16-inch-thick, rigid nylon with stainless steel hardware, our latches shut tight to secure your stash and won’t break or rot like rubber. Unlike competitors that put their latches on the lid, our latches move downward in order to stay out of the cooler and allow the lid to close. Over center cam action provides a super tight seal that provides awesome insulation. The latch’s stainless-steel hardware can stand up to even the saltiest of conditions.

Once again, no corners cut here. Silicone rubber is known for it’s extremely high co-efficient of static friction. The cost is twice as much as traditional rubber, but, like everything on our cooler, we went with the best. Try a KONG with heavy weight conditions in the back of your truck on a bumpy road or in heavy waves on your boat. You can bet it won’t budge.

A subtle, yet awesome feature that no one else has is the KONG Stay-Put Lid. It will open to a 45-degree angle while backed up against a wall or other object. Other coolers don’t offer this feature. The ability to get into your cooler when you’ve packed your gear tight and you’re thirsty is priceless.

One of the critical design areas on a cooler is the seal between the cooler body and the lid. This is one of the areas that coolers lose thermal energy the fastest. Our gasket in combination with our latches makes for a lid seal that not only seals but insulates to keep the cold in and everything else out.

Built for flexibility and ease of use KONG attachment points are integrated into the cooler body for strength and security. Their location allows the attachment points to be used to tie the cooler down or support one of our KONG Kicker, Divider, or Cut/n Tray accessories and still allow access to cooler contents.

Made from 3/16-inch, webbed nylon and virtually indestructible our handles make KONG easier to carry with comfortable rubber grips and sturdy rigid handles. This feature eliminates swaying by remaining fixed over the center of gravity. Solid handles also keep barbed fish hooks and line from getting caught on typical rope handles and won’t unravel, fray, or wear out like typical rope handles.

We use a dual annular and surface seal that will never leak. We have added two massive holes in the plug to create a high-speed drain rate. No need to remove the plug, just open it and let it drain.

Why KONG? 


KONG Coolers ice retention dominates the competition (PDF). Enhance the effectiveness of your KONG Cooler by unlocking the Art of Ice: 1) Pre-chill/freeze everything, including the cooler; 2) Use lots of ice in the cooler; and 3) Keep the cooler lid closed as much as you can. 


When we say that KONG Coolers are built KONG Strong, we mean it. Our coolers are designed to withstand some of the harshest environments on the planet. Check out the KONG YouTube channel for some demonstrations of toughness


Whether it’s a one-day trip or an extended adventure, KONG Coolers offer divided storage and accessories to adapt to your needs on the fly. Want to add a place to filet fish or to display special goodies at camp? Add an extra divider or cut n’ tray with our super smart KONG Kicker. 


Rugged and certified bear-resistant construction keep your contents safely stored whether on the road or in the wild. Add industry-first KONG Krush Guards to protect your loved ones fingers. KONG Coolers are made from food-safe, BPA-free plastic to offer safe food and ice storage.


Made and assembled in the USA, KONG Coolers delivers exceptional value at an affordable price while investing in the local economy. 


American made and ready for the world KONG Coolers offer a lifetime limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. We stand behind our products and their ability to journey longer.

Designed with dedication for unmatched performance, KONG products work together to fuel every adventure. Find the KONG Cooler or accessory best fitted to your next excursion today!