It pays to save friends. 

Give your friends 5% off their first order. 

You'll get a 5% commission on whatever they spend.

KONG Refer Friends, Earn Money

Step 1

Find and copy your referral code in My Account on

Step 2

Share in person, online, or wherever you meet people.  At only 6 characters long, it's easy to share.

Step 3

Your friends make a purchase and apply your code at checkout.

They get 5% off their order, you get 5% commission on their order.


  • Can I share my code as much as I want?
  • Yes, you can share your referral code an unlimited amount. Unlike others, we don't put a cap on what you can earn.
  • Can I share a link, instead of a code used at checkout?
  • As long as you're logged in, you can share any page on Anyone who clicks your link will have a coupon code applied to their cart automatically. Magic.
  • Can I use my own code at checkout, saving myself 5% and earning a commission on my own sale?
  • Well, this is a violation of our program policy. We have put quite a bit of backend programming to prevent this. But if you do figure out a way to achieve this, the Referral Manager will likely hunt you down and eliminate your discounts.
  • Can you give me some reporting on how my referral account is performing?
  • Yes we can, and we're hard at work building this platform out with improvements like this. If you have an idea for us, please contact us, we love to hear your input.
  • I've got a large following and want to send a lot of traffic to you, can I get a special account?
  • Yes you can. We have a white glove experience for large referral accounts. Please contact us at
  • Can I get a custom referral code?
  • Yes you can. For select accounts with large referrals, we're happy to offer a custom code for you. Please contact us at for assistance.
  • When do I receive my referral commission?
  • When someone places an order using your code or link, we attribute that sale to you. However, we have to wait for the order to ship, deliver, and ensure the customer is happy before you referral commission is awarded to you. Overall, this can take between 3-5 weeks.