Independent Kong Cooler Reviews

KONG Coolers camping adventure year round

The Cooler Zone

“We are extremely impressed with Kong Coolers. They really checked all of the boxes of things that we look for in a premium cooler. Their ice retention numbers are great, the features that they offer are plentiful and clever, and they stand behind their products. They are also quite attractive.”
KONG cooler 25 quart and KONG Cooler 70 quart next to tree with closed lids

Coolers Junkie

"The Kong 50 Cooler is from a brand that was born in America and continues to be manufactured in the US. When it comes to durability, ingenuity, and decades of design and build experience, Kong Coolers definitely embodies the qualities that you should be looking for in a cooler."
Wheeled Coolers that are easy to roll when you are on the go

Boating Industry

"Making for easy transport from the house to the car, from the car down the docks to the boat and anywhere else you might need to travel, the Kong Cruiser is ready to tackle anywhere you’re ready to take it."
KONG 50 quart cooler open with cutting two cutting boards. Cooler filled with ice and beverages

Best Cooler Reviews by Luke & Greg

“Kong are probably the Ferrari to Yeti’s Lamborghini. They are the Mac OS to Yeti’s Windows. They are the Samsung to Yeti’s Apple. We could go on…The idea here is that feature for feature, this cooler brand is probably the next generation Yeti, and their products are already giving Yeti a serious run for their money.”
KONG Coolers - Rugged Camping Cooler for fireside adventure


Aside from superior ice retention, Kong coolers really standout in terms of build quality. We feel that these are among the most robust coolers we have reviewed. The lid, latches and accessories are all built out of quality materials; all of which are made in the USA.
KONG Cooler 25 quart open filled with ice and beverages


“The KONG 50 is a bear of a cooler. This thing is loaded with all the great features you could ask for and it really does the job well. The lid buckles are fantastic and very easy to use.”