Our coolers are American-made and assembled right here in the USA. At KONG Coolers, our story begins with an experienced rotational molder and the desire to make a high-quality cooler designed for adventure and everyday use, backed by American ingenuity and sold direct from the factory. At our core, we believe the United States of America has the greatest workforce on the planet. 

Our parent company, Elkhart Plastics, has designed thousands of components for the marine, agricultural, food processing, heavy trucking, and other industries since its inception in 1988. Since then, the Elkhart Plastics team worked in countless industries that require precision design, engineering, and manufacturing. This team has been creating double-walled, insulated containers designed for heavy-duty commercial use for more than 30 years. Transferring that knowledge to the premium cooler industry was a logical next step. 

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"We wanted to make the best rotomolded cooler in America that contributed to the economy while delivering superior ice retention and usability.” — Jack Welter, President of Elkhart Plastics