KONG Bottle Biter

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Made from stainless steel with durability to last a lifetime. Your Bottle Biter is easily installed with a coin and the cooler can still be locked through the hollow fastener. Let the jaws of KONG crack the cap off your favorite beverage.

This accessory is compatible with all KONG Cooler models.

Accessories For Every Occasion

The KONG Cooler is made for the outdoors enthusiast and can become your mobile kitchen with our hand built accessories.

Two people sitting on tail gate of truck with KONG Cooler 20 quart open with ice inside
KONG Cooler 50 quart with two cutting boards. Cooler is filled with ice with sandwiches on the cutting boards

Most Durable Ice Chest

KONG Cooler has developed coolers with the customer in mind. KONG Coolers deliver the most rugged longest lasting ice retention in the market.

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